Data Profiling & Scorecarding with Informatica Data Quality

April 30, 2011
By William Sharp

In my opinion, profiling and scoring data is a fundamental part of a sound data quality assessment.  I routinely use these processes to build my “current state” report for clients.  I recently used Informatica’s Data Quality developer and analyst tools to put together such a package. 

I am of the opinion that these tools represent the “best in breed” available to do so.  The learning curve is not steep, the functionality is easy to implement and, perhaps most of all, the solution is comprehensive.  In a matter of hours you go from raw data to a management reporting dashboard.

If you’ve used Informatica or another tool, let me here your thoughts … (leave a comment)

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William Sharp

One Response to Data Profiling & Scorecarding with Informatica Data Quality

  1. Steve Sarsfield on May 1, 2011 at 10:38 am

    Some times the big commercial software packages are out of budget reach for the small company, or those big companies on a tight budget. That why I’m a big fan (and employee) of Talend. You can go to the Web site, download the basic open source profiler for free. It’s easy to learn with a familiar Eclipse-based GUI. Then, if you want to cleanse, standardize and match, you can update to the commercial version.

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