May 21, 2011
By William Sharp

My Background

Throughout my 12+ years in consulting I have had the good fortune of working with talented mentors and teammates that have enabled me to acquire a unique set of skills. I have extensive experience in business analysis which includes requirements gathering as well as process improvement. I have also compiled years of data warehousing, ETL and data analysis skills. Recently I have grown and blended these skills to move on to data quality, customer data integration and data governance roles.
I am a member of the International Association for Information Data Quality. I also write for two technology focused blogs with an emphasis on data quality and identity resolution.
One thing that has remained constant is my attention to the delivery of meaningful and timely results to my clients. I’ve learned that, of all my skills, the ability to gain and retain my client’s trust is my most valuable skill.
My goals include the continued pursuit of excellence through education and practice in the areas of data quality, customer data integration, data governance and identity resolution. I’d also like to expand on my abilities to write and educate others so that I can one day add teaching to my accomplishments.
I’m committed to expanding my network via social media so that I can deliver on my quest to help others learn as well as gain more knowledge.


Data Analysis, Data Quality Implementation, Customer Data Integration, ETL Development, Performance Monitoring & Reporting, Business Analysis, Blogging, Presentations and meeting facilitation, mentoring, team building.


My Mission

I started The Data Quality Chronicle in an attempt to help other data quality developers. I also wanted to use my time while on the road in a constructive manner. 

Nearly two years has passed and the blog has developed into far more than I ever expected.  The experience has been unlike any other professional endeavor.  I’ve gained the satisfaction of helping others, but I’ve also gained confidence in my decision to continue the blog.  In a way, the blog gives me purpose and stability in a changing professional environment.

I look forward to growing this effort to its fullest potential and welcome feedback on all aspects of that pursuit.  Please feel free to make requests if you feel there is a topic worth discussing not yet covered.

Thanks for taking the time to visit the weblog!

William Sharp


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