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May 4, 2011
By William Sharp

Global IDs  is a Data Governance software provider.  More than that, their platform is a powerful data integration and management set of tools that includes a varied set of tools focused on enterprise information management.

Among these tools are data discovery, data profiling and data classification functions that are very powerful when faced with a large data landscape.

This page is dedicated to the communication of my experiences with this tool.

Data Discovery. The first step toward data management.

Data Discovery. The first step toward data management.

Introduction Recently on a data discovery project I observed something that I wanted to share.  Data discovery efforts, and the tools that support them, are well suited for those organizations who’ve had data explosive growth.  With this kind of growth the data landscape expands to the point where in-depth knowledge of data, and more importantly metadata, details becomes unobtainable.  This is where a product suite like Global IDs data transparency suite can enable effective data management strategies. Data Transparency  What’s in a data transparency suite?  The GIDS Data Transparency Product Suite is a suite a of 15 applications that provides companies with a broad set of capabilities to scan and inventory their data landscape. Using these applications, organizations can perform the following tasks. Scan their data environment (structured data, un-structured data, semi-structured data) Create and populate a Metadata Repository that can be searched by business and technical users Profile their structured databases to create a semantic understanding of their data    I can speak from experience when I say that these three functions present a complete picture of a data landscape.  With metadata, profiling results and sematic taxonomies, a master data management / data quality / data governace solution is within reach.  Now I’m [...]

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